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2023 Historic Autographs The Mob Series 2 Hobby Box

2023 Historic Autographs The Mob Series 2 Hobby Box

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2023 Historic Autographs The Mob Series 2

Factory Sealed Hobby Box


20 Packs Per Box with 10 Cards Per Pack Plus Bonus 21st Pack

This product chronicles the history and legend of the Mob and organized crime as well as the people who track them down the good, the bad and the ugly.

Highlighted by relic cards of Al Capone and Meyer Lansky, autographs from dozens of mobsters and Written Word cards made from jailhouse letters, this product has been one of the most requested products in the past 2 years.

Special 21st pack included!

21st Pack Includes:

4 Special Aurora Parallel Cards

1 Holographic Mob Sticker

4 Inserts/Relics

1 Mob 2 Illustrated Product Booklet

Odds per pack of finding:
- Alloy Parallel Card: 1:4
- Pin Up Insert Card1:16
- Pin Up Garment Relic Card 1:17
- Aurora Parallel Card: 1:21
- Booking Plate Insert Card 1:43
- Film Clip Relic Card 1:46
- Written Word Relic Card1:52
- 1/1 Printing Plate Insert Card 1:147
- Document Touched Relic Card 1:155
- Pin Up Garment Relic Card w/ Signature 1:423
- Meyer Lansky Garment Relic Card 1:497
- Al Capone Tablecloth Relic Card 1:497
- Signature Card 1:618
- Pin Up Insert Card w/ Signature 1:634
- 1/1 Art Sketch Card 1:975
- Document Redemption Card 1:981

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