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  • Live Card Breaks

    Whether you're a passionate collector or just looking for some thrilling enterianment, our live card breaks are an experience you won't want to miss. Join us as we open card packs, boxes, and cases live on camera, offering you a front-row seat to the action.

  • Learn to Play

    Every Wednesday evening at Clubhouse Cards, a magical world of fun and entertainment unfolds as we invite you to learn hoe to play Pokémon and Disney Lorcano. Our dedicated team has a certified judge on hand, ready to teach people of all ages the intricacies of these captivating card games.

  • Autograph Authentication

    With a commitment to preserving the integrity of autographed items, Clubhouse Cards not only offers a wide range of authentic memorabilia but also provides expert authentication services.

  • Trade Nights and Events

    Mark your calendars because every 2nd Thursday of each month from 4-8, Clubhouse Cards hosts a Trade Night Event! It's the perfect opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to come together and sell or exchange their favorite collectibles, trade cards, and share their passion for the hobby.

  • Framing Services

    Your memorabilia deserves the best, and Clubhouse Cards is here to deliver a framing service that exceeds your expectations. You have the choice to either select our extensive range of pre-framed jerseys, each carefully designed to suit a variety of sports and styles, or you can create your very own custom jersey frame.

  • Live Auctions

    Clubhouse Cards engages with the sports memorabilia community through live auctions hosted on our eBay store. These auctions offer a dynamic and exciting platform for buyers to connect with rare and sought- after sports collectibles. We curate a diverse selection of items. Come join our live auctions on eBay for an opportunity to acquire unique treasures.